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The NO PLASTIX application helps you reduce your plastic waste sum at the grocery store.
NO PLASTIX is a student based project by Anne Lehner, Constantin Oestreich, Dongjin Woo and Joseph Gawlick. The project was developed in the course »Wir retten die Welt... ein bisschen!« (»We save the world... a little bit!«), supervised by Prof. Burkhart von Scheven and Alexander Döpel at Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany, in 2015/16. The basis of the project is the application NO PLASTIX which is introduced in an animated explainer video and provided as a clickable app prototype. As an advertising campaign for the application and to call attention to fossil oil as a component of plastic packaging, there are abstract spots as well as related art sculptures. This exhibition concept is desgined for public spaces in commercial areas and ist called »Plastic is Fossil Oil«.
Plastic packaging does not only pollute our environment,
but it's also a waste of resources. The app NO PLASTIX reduces plastic waste and stops fossil oil from becoming packaging for our daily use products.
Artistic, extraordinary spots call for attention to plastic made from fossil oil. The viewer is asked to download the NO PLASTIX app at the end of the spots.
The NO PLASTIX sculptures symbolize the statement of the advertising spots.
As a whole, the »Plastic is Fossil Oil« exhibition expresses the issue of the careless consume of fossil oil for plastic packaging in our society. An aesthetic, mobile exhibition show room works as a platform for the main concept of the spots and the sculptures. Set up in commercial areas such as shopping malls, it reaches the target group directly on the scene.
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